Can I transfer a ring group call to different ext on the fly

What I am trying to do if from and phone that is ringing from a ring-group. Be able to press a ‘feature’ button on one of the phones and transfer the call to a different extension. ie, call comes in for a sales person, all the sales phones start ringing. Would like to have any sales person press a button, and have the call sent to a specific voice mail box, and all the phones go quiet.

is this even possible?

Yes, you can do it.

Depends on the phone
You must a key with transfer to that voicemail. One touch or transfer key.

I am using Aastra 57i’s

No, you cannot do this in the way that you described. When the Ring Group is calling the phones it isn’t a “single call” that is being done, it is as many calls as their are RG members that should be rung at that time. So if it is 5 members with a “Ring All” strategy, you have 5 different calls.

Your sales person would have to use Directed Call Pickup (or Group Call Pickup) to actually grab that call and answer it then the Sales person can use a “one touch” direct voicemail transfer or however they want to transfer the call to the voicemail.

You cannot just press a button that will force a call on other channels to be redirected to voicemail. Well you could actually but that would require you to program a web app that used AMI or ARI to grab and push the call to voicemail.

Hmmm was thinking it might be not easy. Reprogramming FreePBX like that is a little outside my area of expertise. Just to be clear, I would like the ability to force to VM only to be performed by one of the phones ringing from the RG.

The basic issue is this sales group (4-6 people) infrequently have quick ‘stand up’ meetings/brainstorming. These are adhoc and usually pretty short. What is happening now if everyone has to press ‘Ignore’ to get their individual phones to stop working. What would be nice is if only one person had to press ‘Ignore’ or forward to VM and have all the phones go quiet. That way they can complete the brainstorming quickly without interruption.

Not really. You’ll just have to send calls to a general voicemail for Sales. You can add a BLF line on their phones so they can all see when a voicemail is left and when someone presses the button it will take them straight to to VM system.

Set one of the phones to Call Forward the call to Voicemail. As soon as the phone starts ringing, it should pick it up and “answer” it in the Sales voicemail.

I have just tested a ring group on a Yealink T41, it works.

Call rings on the RG, pulse forward key on the phone, and the call goes to the other destiny on the “fly”.

You can select a voicemail with ** i think. But if there is a “voicemail only” extension just have to forward to that extension.

Hope that helps.

Sounds like what I am trying to do. Is the ‘Pulse Forward’ a special key on the Yealink phones? Is there an equivalent on an Aastra that you know of?

It sounds like he’s recommending you “redirect” the call with a Redir button press whenever the phone rings. I’m pretty sure that isn’t what you are trying to do, at least it doesn’t match what you asked for.

Forwarding one of the phones to voicemail (to me) still sounds like what you need to do.

I looked at forwarding one of the phones. The biggest problem is you must set up and enable forwarding at the beginning of the huddle. Then disable it after the huddle is over.

The dynamics of what I need to do is:
Huddle starts, people need to do nothing…
Phone starts ringing…
Anyone in the huddle can press a button to get the call to go to VM right away and have all the phones stop ringing…

The number of times a call comes in during a huddle is not a huge percentage, but enough to be really annoying.

Can you use a call flow control?

  • Huddle starts and someone pushes the call flow control from one of the phones.
  • If a call comes in it goes to the alt destination.
  • Once the huddle is over, toggle the call flow control from any of the phones and you’re back to normal.

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Sorry, don´t know about Aastra. But must be something similar to Yealink phones.

At least , they could answer the call and then xfer with speed dial key wich is the more similar function to the “forward” button.

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