Can I place a caller on hold without using flash?

I want to place people on hold while I look things up and have them listen to MOH. For now, I have to flash to another line and flash back. If it takes too long, I get the very annoying fast busy.

Can I enter dtmf tones while on the call to initiate the hold? Is there any other option. I am running FreePBX and am new to this.


It would be helpful to know what type of phone you are using.

I just realized you are probably using an analog phone with an ATA.

I am using an analog phone (Panasonic KX-TG6702) with the PAP2T.

Set up a parking lot and then park the active call by using dtmf to blind transfer the call to the parking lot. It will announce the parking slot and play the caller MOH. You retrieve the call by dialing the parking slot number.

Thank you for your help. The parking lot feature solves the issue. I think I should buy a SIP phone and make it easier on myself :slight_smile:

That would be the better solution.

You should start by reading the documentation. The PAP2 probably has a feature code for placing people on hold.

When you decide to get a SIP Phone, I highly recommend the Aastra 6757i, which is the greatest SIP phone ever built. But, stick with Firmware version 2.6.