Can I make a speed dial that does call park?

I know that extension 70 on my system is for call park, and transferring a call there does it. I’m just not good with editing the extensions_custom.conf file. Basically I just need it so that if a user (or speed dial) key dials a specified extension, it will hit transfer, dial extension 70, wait like 3 seconds or so and then press complete transfer. Is that possible? I assume so I’m just no good with the scripts!

You need to explain your situation a little better. I would assume that you have an incoming call that you want to park so that it can be picked up at another phone. From your explanation it sounds as if you want a call to be redirected from an extension to park. If that is the case, that can be done with destinations but you would not want to do it because the call would be orphaned. If it is sent directly to park without intervention, no one would know it was there. If that is what you want, you might want to look at queues. You need to explain your problem in detail.

The old Cisco’s don’t support in channel DTMF with speed dial function.

Virtually every other phone does including the Cisco SPA series, Polycom (3,2 and later), Aastra and SNOM.

Depending on the phone, it can be as easy as programming a key. For example Aastra phones can easily programmed like you want.


Check the user manual of your phone for similar functions.


Sorry I’ll clarify. I’m talking about when I’m already on a call talking, but I want to park it so I can say go into the conference room for privacy. Right now I have to press More on my Cisco 7960, then Transfer, dial 70, wait for her to say something about call parked extension 71 or what not, and then press Transfer again. Then I go into the conference room and dial 71 and the call reconnects.

On the Cisco phones you can’t do much with speed dials, they can only dial numbers or extensions. They have 6 line appearances, line 1 and 2 are actual lines, and then you get 3, 4, 5, 6 for whatever you want.

What I want is when I’m on a call talking, to press speed dial line 3, and have it auto park the call. I’m pretty sure it has to be done in the extensions_custom.conf file, like I’d need to set it so that if someone dials extension “777” for example, it presses transfer, waits 3 seconds so I can hear the extension it’s parked on, then it presses transfer again to complete the transfer. Then I’d just link speed dial key 3 to “777”.