Can I install FreePBX in Orange Pi or Raspberry Pi and sell online?

I see old post about this but I’d like to be sure.
So am I allowed to download, compile, and install Asterisk, PHP, FreePBX etc. in small computers like Orange Pi Zero and sell on ebay or amazon for small profit as well as to help people understand SIP/VoIP/PBX?
I setup FreePBX from the scratch manually on Orange Pi Zero including SIP trunking with Twilio and made simple how-to doc and troubleshooting guide. But I was not sure I can sell this online and that is why I’m asking this question.

Appreciate any help.

You can not use the FreePBX name in your advertising as it’s a trademark and we don’t allow unaffiliated people to use the trademark for commercial purposes.

Thanks Tony for clarification.

I’m not saying FreePBX in item description, but if I take screenshot of dashboard just to show installed version and it is running ok in Orange Pi Zero, it shows FreePBX and its logo. Is this ok or am I supposed to remove FreePBX in the screenshot.(white or black out) If I remove FreePBX, I feel it is taking away all credits from FreePBX developers who put time and effort.


If you are going to do this, you need to get into the affiliate program - otherwise, you are likely to run afoul of trademark and copyright problems. Remember he said:

Note that lots of us install FreePBX for customers and maintain their systems for them, we just don’t make it a selling point of our services.

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Thanks Dave for the suggestion.
I’ll check out affiliate program.


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