Can I have different external port configured in firewall for freep pbx nat?

Hi Guys is it possible to nat different port other than 5060 exposed to firewall . ie., I want external port to be something like 4532 and it should be routed through nat to my asterisk server in lan which will listen to 5060 .

It depends on the router, but I can’t think of anyplace in the system that shouldn’t support that.

I face once way audio issue or no register in pfsense .

So, you agree that it depends on the router…

You will need to open UDP ports 10000-20000 on the firewall and redirect them to the server, but the 5060 port on the phone can be directed through any open port on most systems. Apparently not PFSense (although it works fine when I do it).

Now, it’s important to understand how this is going to work. Outgoing calls should work without changes (as long as the rest of your NAT is set up correctly). Incoming calls (from an ITSP) should get redirected correctly through the external firewall. You should still lock down the 5060-avatar port to known hosts just to keep the curious out.

You can also set up your incoming port in Asterisk/FreePBX to match the “odd” port you picked in the firewall and tell your ITSP your incoming call port is “whatever”. Your ITSP may or may not want to set up something other than 5060 for THEIR incoming calls, but that’s a separate connection (your incoming and their incoming are completely independent)…

Can you guide me on how to give the nat permissions in pfsense @cynjut . And should I change anything in freepbx ?