Can I display the destination name when placing extension call on Polycom phone?

I have a customer who is using Polycom IP Soundpoint 331 phones with FreePBX (FreePBX Distro 2.210.62-3). When a user places a call to another extension the phone shows 3600(3600) when calling extension 3600. Is it possible to show the user’s name for the extension they are calling? Maybe something like “3600(Joe Smith)”?
I don’t know if this could be done or not but I thought that I’d ask. I certainly appreciate any insight that anyone could offer!

What you are looking for is Remote Party ID or ‘rpid’. You can enable trustrpid under the individual extensions and choose the sendrpid setting appropriate for your endpoints (start with PAI). All assuming your versions of FreePBX, Asterisk and endpoints all support rpid.

You’ll also want to disable URI dialing on the phones; we found that with URI dialing enabled, the dialed number would change to “sip:[email protected]” which is a bit ugly.


Thanks so much! This worked great - I just set the sendrpid to PAI and the Polycom phones displayed the calling extension’s name…
I appreciate your help!