Can I disable (to silence) the ringback tone on outbound calls?

Hi everyone,
Here is an odd question: Can I disable(silence) the Ringback tone on outbound calls?
The users want to hear nothing until the other side picks up.
It is quite an old box:
Asterisk (Ver. 11.17.1)
… I know its time to upgrade/update, but just cant get around doing it. It just works flawlessly.
We are connected to a SIP provider via sip trunk. The PBX is behind firewall (if relevant).
Happy to provide any additional info.



Why would you want to do that?

I’m pretty sure the ‘Rr’ trunk options are what controls the RingOut and RingBack.

note this clue, perhaps for your case

Argument 3: Option

The third argument to Dial() is an option string. It may contain one or more characters that modify the behavior of the Dial() application. While the list of possible options is too long to cover here, one of the most popular is the m option. If you place the letter m as the third argument, the calling party will hear hold music instead of ringing while the destination channel is being called (assuming, of course, that music on hold has been configured correctly). To add the m option to our last example, we simply change the first line: . .

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