Can I allow only one or few incoming call numbers

I just set up a Sipgate, GV and FreePBS for outgoing call in US. The VoIP adaptor I used is SPA-3102. Is there any way that I can block incoming IP calls except the ones that I would like them to go through? In extreme case, I would like only let the Sipgate DID number but nothing else.
I am new in this area so I don’t know if this topic has been discussed before. In any case, any input will be greatly appreciated.

Caller ID Number - Define the Caller ID Number to be matched on incoming calls. Leave this field blank to match any or no CID info. In addition to standard dial sequences, you can also put Private, Blocked, Unknown, Restricted, Anonymous and Unavailable in order to catch these special cases if the Telco transmits them.
CID Priority Route - This effects CID ONLY routes where no DID is specified. If checked, calls with this CID will be routed to this route, even if there is a route to the DID that was called. Normal behavior is for the DID route to take the calls. If there is a specific DID/CID route for this CID, that route will still take the call when that DID is called.

Be aware that CallerID is not always passed.

Another idea:

In Inbound Routes, enable the Privacy Manager - If no Caller ID is sent, Privacy Manager will ask the caller to enter their 10 digit phone number. The caller is given 3 attempts. The number of digits and attempts can be defined in privacy.conf. If a user has Call Screening enabled, the incoming caller will be asked to enter their Caller ID here if enabled, and then to say their name once determined that the called user requires it.

Then I think that you can enable Pinless Dialing in the Extension that you want to allow. Enabling Pinless Dialing will allow this extension to bypass any pin codes normally required on outbound calls

Thanks for your response. I will tried them out and post the results.


I thought I’d post in this thread as it seems most appropriate.

I can’t get privacy manager to kick in using my SPA-3102. When I call in without Withholding my number it says:

BT Line

I have configure BT line in the SPA’s config so this is perfect.

However when I call in and withhold my number the call is put through and the phone says:


PSTN in this case is the userID I configured for the trunk.

Does anyone know how I could make Privacy Manager kick in and intercept the call?

Thanks in advance,