Can I allow a user to block a number without a physical handset?

Hi there,

We have a user with an extension in our FreePBX Phone System, which simply allows their customers to call in to leave a voicemail.
The recording of this voicemail is then emailed through to their inbox, without the need for a physical endpoint to answer phone calls.
We are wondering if there is any way to allow this user to block callers without a physical endpoint, for example, via the User Control Panel, or by any other method we have not yet considered.
At the moment they need to call and provide us with the nuisance callers phone number, so that we can log into the Phone System as admin and block the number on their behalf, which is not ideal.

Any help or guidance offered is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Change your senders account on the email she Is sent
Set up that email account to pipe the reply through a script
If she replies to the email, have that script add the number to the asteriskdb table blacklist

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