Can i 2 server as one server

we have 2 server freepbx
server 1 -
card gsm 4Port
Card FXO 4Port
40 ext

server 2

Card GSM 8Channel
Card FXO 16 Channel

can i 2 server as one server

Two ways to do this:

Simple - Set up IAX2 Trunking between the boxes so you can use all the trunks, and set up all the users (phones) on one of the boxes and manage from there - Simple, but you are not really using two boxes as any sort of fault tolerance.

Still simple but better and more expensive - Check Our HA - High Availability - although since you don’t have identical trunking between the boxes, this might not achieve what you are looking for.

Is there a reason why you can’t combine all the trunking into one box? Slot limitations?

Having the boxes talk to each other and moving calls between them is fairly straight forward - if your goal is redundancy, that is much harder.