Can FULL Distro ISOs be installed with unetbootin on USB?

Just wondering. I know there was trouble with the netinstall.

It should be. You might have to go into advanced mode and such but it should be no different than normal Centos install from USB. is what I have used before.

Netinstall used to format the thumb drive. That issue is gone for sure?

The difference is you dont have to use the raid mode anymore that the netinstall would do. At install you can pick the Raid Mode, Simple Mode or Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode is normal Centos GUI install mode.

Download the ISO and play with it for yourself and you will see.

Perfect. Thanks Tony.

…supermicro motherboards. They won’t accept the centos installer over usb.

Oh well.

Well it works for me on our Supermicro. Have you tried using

Hard drive is bad, the mainboard isn’t usb friendly, I’m using the wrong brand of usb or I’m not doing something during the install.

and you did not even answer my question on what you are using? Did you try the software I gave you a link for.

Sorry, I’m driving. I tried both iso2usb and unetbootin. Unetbootin wouldn’t get past grub on usb and iso2usb seemed to work but couldn’t load the installed kernel.

Too muddy for me - I’ll stick to a dvdrom for now. Such a waste of plastic.