Can FreePBX generate "DOD"? Or outbound DID to a paging terminal?

We have a paging terminal (like pager/beeper type) that can take DID trunks into it to to ring directly to a users pager without having to use “overdial”, where the caller is required to enter a PIN for the specific pager prior to the numeric message.

Can FreePBX (along with a piece of hardware I’m sure) be configured to provide DID to the paging terminal? I realize we can probably configure it to pause and dial a pager number into the terminal if required using DTMF, but curious if we can generate DID.

The only hardware that supported ADID was made by a company called Rhino which no longer exist.

You can look on ebay for something like their t1 channelbank (CB-24) with FXS or you can look for a pci/pci-e card R8FXX or R24FXX with FXS modules.

It is such an edge case (mostly old 911 call centers) that nobody else invested the time or effort to make it work.

Note the kernel drivers for the cards are no longer maintained so the channel bank with a Sangoma/Digium t1 card is probably your best bet.

Seems like the best course might just be a transfer with a pause and a DTMF string to overdial the pager number. Awful lot of hardware to do it the “right” way.

I do see some of those cards on eBay though. But if the drivers are a big question mark, well, yeah.

Tell me more about the CB24?

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