Can FreePBX do this?


I am quite new to FreePBX, so wanted to know if FreePBX can do the following:

my requirement is that a user should be able to register for a call on a website,
he will provide the source and destination nos., the PBX should be able to call the Source and the destination nos.,
that is create a link between the user no. and the destination no. by doing the following:

  1. Dial out to the user source no. (this is an external no. outside the PBX)
  2. Dial out the destination no. and
  3. create a connection these two together

is this possible using FreePBX ? Let me know,



It is possible with asterisk so it can also be done on a system with FreePBX, but FreePBX has no module or other functionality to really help much.

Here’s a starting point:

Greg MacLellan - Core FreePBX Developer
http// - #freepbx

Ok first off let me say that this is a BAD IDEA.
1.) the security of allowing outside access to make calls.
2.) CID spoofing can be a crime in the USA.

There are four PHP pages in the zip file there is one which will allow a user to input two numbers
one to call and one to call from.

using the PHP pages as a base you can have a PHP programmer hack out just about anything you want