Can FreePBX add nl-dutch to the menu.php file

Hi FreePBX,

First of all, what a nice version Freepbx v12!
We had a dutch translation for a few modules and we want to see this by default.
Before v12 we edited the /var/www/html/admin/views/menu.php file and added nl-NL to it, but now the modules are signed, so we get a message like "some modules are edited’. Now we do not want to see these scary messages.

Is it possible to add nl-NL to this file by default, so we don’t get this security message and stil use this dutch translations.

I know I can sign up for a translation, but we already have some so that won’t be necessary ( I hope)
Many thanks in advance if you wan’t to look into it.

If you would like to contribute translations to FreePBX using please see Translating FreePBX with Weblate. To get started we need a Code Submission Agreement on file so that we can get you setup. Then as we release new modules, your translations will automatically be included.