Can forwarded voicemail be received as email attachment?

I am using FreePBX I have some main lines coming in where vm is on the system MWI and UCP show the VM’s until listened to or deleted. When these VM’s are forwarded to another extension via the phone vm menu (8) or the UCP to an extension that is set up for VM to go to email and then deleted, the VM’s stay in the VM mailbox and do not get emailed as an attachment. The recipient also gets an email message that is different from the message received with regular VM. What can I do to either have the forwarded VM sent as an attachment or the message about the forwarded email edited to provide more info on how to retrieve the message. I have already customised the regular VM email message, and would like to edit the forwarded email message, I just can’t find where.

Watch the ticket here:

Just about to open a ticket until I found this - any time frame on a resolution?