Can forwarded voicemail be received as email attachment?

We have 60 virtual extensions. These extensions are configured to send vm as attachment and delete from server. These users never dial in to receive vm. If another user, particularly the receptionist, forwards a vm to one of these extensions, the vm is delivered to the vm box and not emailed, and then never retrieved. Any way to handle this? Thanks.

You will need to debug your mail system, pretty sure it is sent to your MTA, I am also pretty sure your MTA is incorrectly setup. check your mail logs. . .

To clarify, when an incoming caller leaves voicemail for one of these extensions, the message is properly attached to email, delivered, and then deleted from the server. It is only an issue when an internal users receive a voicemail on their phone and forward it to one of these virtual extensions. Then the voicemail is not emailed but deposited in the extension’s voicemail box.

Does the virtual extension have an email set up?

Because if it does, I have not seen that problem.

We have this same issue, not with virtual extensions, but with regular extensions. VM comes into the original ext, goes to VM box, email goes out - no problem, that VM is forwarded to another extension (with email to VM enabled) and the second ext will get the VM in the VM Box but not emailed. This feature does work through UCP. Anyway to make this work through Phone Apps?

Not sure if it’s a bug or a feature request for PhoneApps, but if you are up to date with all modules, then take it to

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