Can end users control how calls are routed from their number?

Hi there,

I’m looking to sort out a VOIP based system for our web development agency of about 50 people, and I’m a little unclear of what proprietary VOIP services like SwitchVox offer over a system built on FreePBX .

Most of the functionality I see in Switchvox for money, I see offered in a less polished, bu free form in FreePBX , but one thing I didn’t see in FreePBX is the option for end users to control their own call plans, so they can set call forwarding and voicemail themselves.

Is this a feature in FreePBX has as well?

I couldn’t see it when I looked earlier today, but I might be looking in the wrong place.

Okay, I’ve read a bit more, and what I’m looking for appears be called a follow-me, like this video (it’s of trixbox, which I beleive uses a forked version of FreePBX)

Is there a way for an end user to create a FollowMe for themselves, so they have control over where their extension rings to, without being them able to change anyone else’s follow me settings?

Follow me, call forwarding, etc. can be controlled from the “recordings” link.
As in: http/your system address/recordings.

You will have to initially set up voicemail for each user. The user enters their extension number and vm password at the prompt. The various links are on the right side of the page. I believe you’ll have to set up an initial “follow me” from the main admin page.