Can End Point Configuration Manager detect phones in a different subnet?


FreePBX Distro is running in one subnet with phones in another subnet. The test phone is an Aastra 6731i reset to factory defaults with no local config overrides.

When End Point Configuration Manager is asked to scan the entire phone subnet, it does not detect the unconfigured Aastra 6731i.

Using tcpdump, I see a packet to port 80 on the phone, and the phone’s reply packet. This HTTP send and reply then happens once more. So, there is traffic flowing between the two devices.

If anyone could say if End Point Configuration Manager is able, in general, to detect and manage phones in a different subnet, that would help in knowing where the issue is. Maybe there is just something wrong with the particular phone being tested.

Using FreePBX Distro 2.10 with End Point Manager

Tim Miller Dyck

If you search this site for “discover phones” you will see the following post which will naswer your question.

The post above also has a link to the EPM tutorial

Thanks very much, alan_mousty!

For others, the key bit:

You can’t discover phones as the discovery method uses ARP.

ARP discovery won’t work over a routing boundary so this is why End Point Manager won’t discover phones in a different subnet.