Can Caller ID be enabled only on select Ports?

I’ve got a TDM800P Card with 5 POTS lines connected to it. 3 lines don’t have caller ID and the other two do. If I enable CallerID it works fine on the two lines that support it, but the other three lines ring 3 times before the system picks up. I take it’s because the system is waiting for the caller ID information. I’ve been searching trying to find a way to set this setting per port. Is there a way to do that? I’m comfortable with disabling the DAHDI freepbx module and modifying the DAHDI/asterisks file manually if I need too.

Appreciate any help the community can provide,



basically anything defined before

channel => n

will be applied to that n channel, so define the callerID requisites, then those channels, redefine the callerid stuff and define THOSE channels, use groups as appropriate similarly.