Can anyone tell me why in this trace the incoming IAX call is bounced off the PSTN?

Trace here

I’m trying to call one FreePBX box from another, and instead, the call is being received on the remote box then bounced off to the PSTN

Any help most welcome!

Are you sure that there is an extension 804 on the remote box? What happens if you dial 804 from a phone on the remote box?

BTW, please use to paste such logs. It’s ok to use, but please make sure that Expiration is set to Never, so future readers of the thread can follow along.

sorry, yes, that was EXACTLY the problem - but I’m very confused as I must have had one previously as this exact route used to work fine. I’ve added it back and I’m good to go again. It probably got lost when my Pi SD card died. However the other ring groups restored fine so…
Anyway - thank you very much.

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