Can anyone recommend a solid router for VoIP?


I have several PBX systems deployed at customer sites (UK), and initially was using the Draytek 2820 series of modem router for ADSL and ADSL2+ connections. These worked fine until I started to get instances where the router would lose all ability to resolve DNS until it was rebooted. Trawling through the Draytek forums it appeared there was an issue with the firmware, however, I couldn’t wait for a resolution so had to look at alternatives.

I purchased a couple of Netgear DGN1000 modem routers and they seemed to work fine, however, I’ve now started to see errors in the logs showing that the LCP is down then up. The router appears to be flapping due to noise on the line, although trawling through the Netgear forums some users have also seen this and suggest a hard reset, as the problem may be due to a corrupt firmware.

What I would like to know is if anyone has any recommendations for a rock solid modem router, or perhaps a separate modem and router combo if this is better? I need recommendations for a solution that can handle ADSL and ADSL2+ connections, plus I also need a rock solid router for VDSL connections as one customer has just had fibre installed.

Any advice much appreciated.




I m expercieng the same issues using DGN1000 and a solid dsl modem draytek 2820Vn which doesn’t let ipbx to connect to internet due to to voip build in capability.

Did have any solutions for the DGN1000 or the Draytek one ??

Thank you for any help.


In my opinion, if the network is mission critical, use a “real” Cisco router, not the rebranded Linksys stuff. That’s not really Cisco.

For your applications look at the 800 or 1900 series routers.

The 1900 have voice interface cards so you can use them for high quality FXO, FXS, E1/T1 ISDN PRI and BRI interfaces.

Look at the Firewall feature set, in a branch office you don’t need a discrete firewall.

Adtrans are nice. Come with T1 termination (Total Access 904/8) if so desired or Netvanta 3120 for BYOB(bandwidth). Nice web interface with cisco like command line like cli. Also they support transparent sip proxying. Give them a look.

Couldn’t agree more, if you want something a little cheaper than Cisco Mikrotik works really well, they have very solid performance, the RB450AH and RB493AH (if you want wireless) will fit most home office/small business bills, then there are more powerful ones for heavier duty applications. I have a RB493AH that has been up for 18 months now with no need to reboot or do anything to it to keep it going, it does everything for my home and also has my asterisk test box behind it.