Can anyone help? What's amiss with this trace, please

So I’ve got a well publicised main issue that I’m working on right now - getting either EPM or DPMA to work. A side issue has popped up that calls are not working between my test D50 and my Xlite softphone. I have (last Friday) had basic calls working. So this is something new!

My softphone is SIP only Xlite but the D50 is configured as a PJSIP extension.

I THINK the problem is related to the D50 because I can call *60 and get the time from the softphone.

There’s a trace here if anyone had a moment to look at it?


What is the extension/station number of the D50?

The D50 is supposed to be on 20! :slight_smile:

I’ve diagnosed it as a SIP/PJSIP port problem with DPMA/EPM.
Looks like the phone will always try to use 5060??
I don’t know why, but the freePBX DPMA GUI does NOT show correct ‘presence’ information for the Digium phone even though right now it’s pretty close to working - certainly calls between the Digium phone and the softphone work.

In your pastebin is says extension 20 is not registered, wrong password.

PJSIP and ChanSIP cannot both be on port 5060. If you are using PJSIP for the extension, confirm what port FreePBX has PJSIP set to, make sure your endpoint is using that port.

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