Campon again

Hey everyone

i have read some of the old posts of the campon feature request, and i wanna have the feature included aswell, but my skills with a computer aint good enough to be a developper i guess.

I have a old trixbox 2.0.0 with asterisk 1.2.18
and freepbx 2.2.3 with a campon module loaded and working great.

but i wanna get a new TB install with all the new features, and stuff like that, and campon in my new TB aswell.

i did not install the campon module in the old TB, so i dont have any clue what to do.

if anyone is interrested please let me know, i can send you .conf files and the module it self. I dont know if it’s working with asterisk 1.4 or 1.6 but maybe it can be remade to do.

thanks in advance

sorry for the bad language but im danish.