Camp On

Has there been any work on “Camp On”. That is…the ability to transfer to a busy line so it will ring when the user hangs up?

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You can set up a queue for the user and transfer the calls there.

Thanks John…Never thought of that…

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What if all of the users want that option? Is there a “Camp On” feature available in VMX? I saw this: but can’t find this feature even though it’s been “Closed” and “Fixed”


OK this is a hack, but if the extension is 201, you could create Queue 4201 and put 201 in it. For extension 202, create 4202 and so on. If you want to camp a call on 201, just transfer it to 4201.

That’s great if you’ve got a few extensions, but it’s not viable for large scale systems. Is this feature officially NOT going to be implemented? It would be nice to know if I should wait for an upgrade or spend a few hours to do it manually.


Hi, i too would like a solution to the “camp on” feature

I have tried a queue, simialar to this thread, a extention number 14 has a queue 1014, which extention 14 is the only attendent. I then divert calls when busy to this queue. But the problem i have with this method, is as the queue retries the exention, it gets diverted back to the queue, so the queue order is not maintained, and the caller hears this happening, as opposed to hold music, and a position announcment every 30 seconds. Am i doing the wrong thing with divert when busy???

Position in the queue should be maintained, i.e. if you get three calls in queue, 1 has been on hold for 1 minute, 2 has been on hold for 30 seconds and 3 was just placed in the queue. It will check the phone(s) for that queue and if one is found available the call that has been holding longest (i.e. first in queue) will be transferred first so call 1 would go.

Granted you have provided no details so we don’t know what version of anything you are running to know if it is a bug in asterisk or a older bug in FreePBX that has been fixed in the current release, etc.

To get proper help you really need to provide these details.

Thank you for your post.

I doubt we are talking about a bug, I am sure it is doing what i am asking it to do, but not getting the results i want.?.?.

Version, FreePBX, Asterisk (Ver.

If i ring the queue directly (1014), i get put on hold, hold music plays, and i get a position announcement every 30 seconds, as per configuration. This is eactly how i want it.

The problem is how do i get calls that dial extension (14), to the queue (1014)?? What i have done to date, is to go into “recordings” panel on freepbx, and set a diversion on busy to the queue. The result is not good, as described in the above post. Instead of nice hold music and an announcement every 30 seconds, it is basically continual announcements. the call gets passed to the extension, then immediately gets diverted back to the queue etc etc.

I guess what i am looking for is a method of getting the calls from the extension to the queue, without using the diverts mention above…??? the diverts, the way i have configured it, create the wrong behavior.

Any suggestions? Am i going about it the wrong way?

I guess you need to walk through all the situations where you’d transfer to a given extension and review it that way.

There is not a way to auto-create a queue for all extensions, hide extensions and only allow transfers, etc to the queues.

Either way it should not do the repeating of the announcement only. The only way I can see that happening is if it goes to play the on hold music and there is a error (say the file is not found) so it fails and falls to the next command which is to play the announcement, then repeat the process.

A call trace in that case if reviewed carefully should show the issue.

Please help with ideas in order to get this in 2.9.

I used to have a Nortel system. It didn’t have voicemail or IVR so the operator issued the campon feature when a person being called was on the phone and needed to be alerted. In Asterisk, I would: 1. Want it to be transparent to the caller. In other words, have it controlled by the user. 2. When it is invoked, the caller would need to be played a message that would be customized by the user. 3. Would need to be able to send to voicemail if call not answered. 4. Would need to be set on or off by the user manually and automatically based on busy status of phone. This could be very useful with extra features, but could simply answer a ringing line if the user is already on the phone and alert the caller that the person is on another line. It could then put the caller on hold and periodically give them a chance to leave a message. It would need to time out after a determined amount of time and go to voicemail.