Camp on Usage Question

Asterisk version 13.15.0 FPBX

Can someone explain how the camp on is supposed to work? I have it enabled in Advanced Settings (Everything there is at default) I have Call Waiting enabled on the extension. I make a call on the extension to an outside number. I go to another extension and dial the other extension. I get a ringing and then two beeps. If I stay on the line I eventually go to the voicemail box. If I hang up just after the two beeps then there is no camp on.I know there is a feature code *82, where does that come into play? I have tried dialing *82Ext and get a call failed.

So how is this feature used?


Camp-On is only supported in asterisk with chan SIP and has been removed in PJSIP and they have no plans of adding it back

The phones are using Chan-sip. So asterisk has left this behind. Seems like a good feature to me. So how was it supposed to work?

Not sure never used it and the one time we tried it had so many bugs gave up.

Thanks Tony for your candor on this. I wonder why it never worked. In the “old” days that was a neat feature on the TDM systems.