Camp-On Question / Problem


I am using FreePBX Distro ( I wanted to use the Camp-On feature to one my my clients but I encountered a problem. I will try to explain it:

Assume I got 2 extensions, ExtA and ExtB.

ExtA calls ExtB, ExtB is ringing but no one picks it up. Then ExtB hungs up, dials *82 and hungups. When ExtA makes a call, after this ExtB automatic call ExtA. So the feature is working perfectly.

Now, let’s say ExtA is talking. ExtB again calls ExtA and it gets a busy tone. ExtB then calls *82, hears the Beep sound but when ExtA hung up, nothing happens. Shouldn’t a call be placed automatically when ExtA hungs up? Or have I misunderstood something.

I also have made a BLF button monitoring (*84ExtB) on ExtB. First case it turns RED, seconds case it just stays Green.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.