Camp-On configuration and use


I’ve installed the Camp-on module and checked through the modules settings under Advanced Settings, however, I cannot see where to configure Camp-on when a call comes in. If an extension is busy where is it set to enable Camp-on, and where does it specify what digit(s) needs to be entered? Is there a pre-recorded sound file or does one need to be recorded to instruct the caller?

I’ve Googled for a comprehensive guide but was unable to locate one. If there is one perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance


Take a look at the Feature Code Admin

Camp-On Cancel *83
Camp-On Request *82
Camp-On Toggle *84

I have the same question.

I found the feature codes, but how should we operate it? how can I camp on a line?

After also googling and not finding any information I was determined to try to figure this out. I looked at the freepbx code and looked up the asterisk commands. This is what I have found.

The default feature codes didn’t want to work for me so I changed them to *60, *61, and *62 and disabled the “Speaking Clock” as it was using *60 and we don’t use that feature anyway.

Now when I dial the new feature codes (*60, *61, *62) I get the expected beep followed by a hangup.

If I now dial an internal extension, if it’s not answered or busy, I can dial *61, I get the beep and the call is hung up. I then hang up. When the extension I called hangs up (assuming they were busy) or if they dial another number then hangup, my phone will ring. When I pick up, I get a message that it’s calling the other extension, and all works as expected.

I have tried this with both voicemail enabled and disabled, and with call waiting enabled and disabled and the results were as I expected.

Its a neat feature that we’ll likely use.


One hint is program the feature code as a BLF. If you are using the Distro we did a few patches to make hints work with the feature code so you will get a blinking when camped on to someone and can press it again to cancel the camp on.

Dear Andrew,
I changed my pabx settings according to your defined settings.

when i am calling to the extension 200 (and the attendant busy), i disconnect the call as it is not accepting me to dial *61, and then pressing *61, i get the beep and the call hangup.

please advice. where i am doing wrong.
anxiously waiting for this & spy/whisper option.

Suleman Khalil
[email protected]