Camp on Alternate

Hi there,
Is there any “camp on” alternate available?
We tried this feature, it had so many bugs and not working we as desired.
We need this feature desperately we can buy if commercially available.
Any help would appreciate.

What is your use case? What are you trying to accomplish?

If ext 101 call ext 102.102 is busy or unavailable. 101 dial a code *5 and hangup, whenever 102 available ext 101 get signal or system call them back when a busy or non-responding extension becomes available.

Actually my higher management use this feature in Panasonic and they are insisting me to find some solution.

Campon was depreciated some time ago due to its buggyness and doesn’t look like it will come back. You could contract Sangoma and commission them to build you something custom, or you may be able to replicate this functionality yourself with custom code.

Something that stores the callers callback info in a DB and takes action when the presence or hint status changes to an available set by Asterisk Rest API or Callfile. Once built, you could make this a custom destination, then set it as the coverage path when the phone is busy.

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