Cambiar mensaje a "OCUPADO"

Cuando llamo a una extensión y está ocupada, en el teléfono me pone el mensaje:
“Q.850;Cause=17”. Habría alguna forma de poder poner “Ocupado” en vez de ese mensaje de error?

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Asterisk translates the device specific cause to the equivalent ISDN reason (Q.850), which, in this case is “User Busy”, then summarises the ISDN code into a DIALSTATUS (e.g. BUSY) and the closest device specific (SIP in this case) code.

(I hope I got the intent of your question, in which case 17 is just a more precise value for BUSY.)

yes, but instead of “Q.850; Cause = 17” I would like “busy” to appear.

You need to solve this on the telephone. It is presenting the technical reason information rather than a translation of the SIP status code. I wouldn’t expect telephones to present the reason code to a naive user, as it is generally rather technical. In practice, the reason line is intended to be used by human technicians, to better understand what has gone wrong. It isn’t intended to be presented to an ordinary user. It is an optional feature in the SIP protocol, see

Even the reason string, associated with the status code, in the SIP response header, is a bit too technical for end user; there are too many possible values, they are rather terse, they tend to be in English, and even the nearest to Busy is actually “Busy Here”.

Thank you!

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