i am using a FreePBX with Asterisk 1.4.22
I am really new to asterisk and PBX. And i applogize myself if i ask something dumb or cant describe the my issue right… and for my english.

What i am trying to do is to setup a callthrough for me and one other person.
in (sipgate) --> pin --> out (betamax)

So far this is working for ME (just for me).
I configured two trunks (sipgate, betamax)
An inbound route (sipgate) with CID of my mobile destinated to a DISA with Pin and
an outbound route (betamax).
So far its working… but just for me.
But i want to setup another route for someone else.
She should be able to call on the my sipgate inbound but the outbound should be her’s:

Me: in (sipgate) --> pin --> out (betamax1)
She: in (sipgate) --> pin --> out (betamax2)