Calls Via WIFI

Friends, I’m trying to get Linphone client work with freepbx and can connect from linphone to the pbx over cellular networks, but can’t seem to connect over a WIFI connection? Undernet?

There is really no detail in your post what you had done to troubleshoot or what the WiFi setup is, so not sure that anyone would be able to offer much help but it sounds like you might look at your network configuration, possibly firewall rules to see why traffic from your WiFi isn’t reaching the phone system.

system firewall and newtorking rules. You will need to make sure the two networks can talk on the SIP port and the RTP ports defined on your PBX.

I can connect via WIFI using linphone to freepbx, but it doesn’t seem to work with a number of other WIFI hotspots.

Different ports are at play for SIP/RTP vs HTTP/s. Wireshark or talk to your network admin to ensure your SIP and RTP ports are able to transverse the subnet the FreePBX box is located on.

Friends, does anyone have a list of required ports for LIN PHONE to connect to FREEPBX over the WAN? I’d like to be able to use WIFI at coffee shops, etc, to place calls using my PBX.?

Ports used on your PBX - PBX Platforms - Documentation (

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