Calls to DID on Local, Passes to Outbound Trunk, How to LCR

Hello All

In FreePBX/Asterisk…

Calls to DIDs on Local System, get Passed to Outbound Trunk.

I would like calls to DIDs on my Local System to Not Go Outbound on my Trunk then come back in…

Any please advise

Local/$OUTNUM$@ext-did works fine for XXX-XXX-XXX

I have tried Local/1|$OUTNUM$@ext-did for 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX

But thats not working

Need to Strip 1 from my dialed numbers

I went to Trunks

  1. Add Custom Trunk
  2. Pasted “Local/$OUTNUM$@ext-did” in Custom Dial String
  3. Submit Changed
  4. Apply and Reload

Test Calls Still goes to outbound trunk then comes back in…

Please advise whats missing

Create a route to a “loop around” trunk. Type=custom - custom dial string=Local/$OUTNUM$@ext-did


Sorry I got it to work partially.

I am passing 1 before my DID.

How do I Strip prefix 1 in Local/$OUTNUM$@ext-did


Added the Strip 1 in the dial pattern of the Trunk itself

You could have also stripped the 1 in the outbound route.

and per SkykingOH’s comment, it’s actually more efficient to do it in the Outbound Route.