Calls through DISA do not seem to release

I just started noticing that on many occassions that calls that are originated from my zap channels (a Sangoma A200 4 port FXO card) through DISA to a SIP trunk are not being released when the call is ended. Consequently I will have channels that remain open for in excess of 12 hours.

I am running Asterisk 1.4.11 with Zaptel 1.4.5 on Centos 5 with FreePBX All of my modules are up to date. I have nothing special in my zapata.conf file.

Has anyone else noticed this? What might be the issue and how can I resolve it?

Also, I had posted this on another thread, but evidently at some point in time I defined a caller ID for 2 channels of my Sangoma ports. My zapata.conf does not reflect this, yet, when I do a zap show channel 1, the caller ID info appears. Where or what do I do to remove this? It must be registered in a database but I have not found it yet.



how is the disconnect on ‘regular’ calls? Do those disconnect properly?

From what you describe, it sounds like the your fxo ports are not detecting a disconnect and thus not hanging up. You might want to try calling into the system and leave a voicemail and then hangup (not pressing any keys after the voicemail) and watch the CLI to see if the disconnect is detected. If not, you either have the wrong configuration in your zapata.conf setup or your carrier is not providing any form of disconnect supervision back to you.

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Regular calls seem to work fine. They sense the state change and hangup. This only happens on calls to DISA and out via SIP trunks.

This continues. This only happens on calls placed from the Zap lines to Disa & out SIP. The lines are not released. Zap lines are released on normal calls.