Calls stuck in queue for over an hour?


The call centre I support is complaining that certain callers (random mobile numbers no pattern here) seem to be stuck for over an hour in the queue while other callers call in and get answered much quicker.The full log does seem to illustrate this. The extract below shows an unexplicably large jump in the call time from 9:58 to 11:24? Anyone know what might be going on?

[2020-05-26 09:58:41] VERBOSE[15213][C-0001027d] app_stack.c: Spawn extension (from-internal, 5040, 1) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/5040-000122fa’
[2020-05-26 09:58:41] VERBOSE[15213][C-0001027d] app_stack.c: SIP/5040-000122fa Internal Gosub(crm-hangup,s,1) complete GOSUB_RETVAL=
[2020-05-26 11:24:04] VERBOSE[2880][C-0001027d] res_musiconhold.c: Stopped music on hold on SIP/wlvoip_out-000122ae
[2020-05-26 11:24:04] VERBOSE[2880][C-0001027d] app_queue.c: – LazyMembers debugging - Numbusies: 0, Nummems: 3

Thanks in advance.



Post the full log using pastebin as well as screenshots of your Queue settings.

You may also grep this call’s unique ID from the queue log and post it all here

Hope this sheds some light…

Can provide more logs to pastebin if that helps and/or any other tabs from the queue in question?

I need a screenshot from timing and agents and capacity options.

Hope this helps Aaron…

Why is the agent timeout set to unlimited? This is probably the issue.
You’d want it to try other agents. Right?

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Despite having it set to unlimited it does try other agents which of course is what I need it to do.

Change it to how long you want it to ring by each agent, and see if it happens again

Had the same problem today tried changing the setting to 20 seconds and nothing happened. However what is weirder or more interesting (!) is this…

1. SIP/wlvoip_out-0001804f (wait: 55:06, prio: 0)
2. SIP/wlvoip_out-00018130 (wait: 4:16, prio: 0)
3. SIP/wlvoip_out-00018139 (wait: 2:51, prio: 0)
4. SIP/wlvoip_out-0001813b (wait: 2:13, prio: 0)
5. SIP/wlvoip_out-0001813f (wait: 1:55, prio: 0)

But the actual call in the full log when I grep for 0001804f is only about 10 minutes?! Makes us think it’s maybe to do with the nature of the call being put through by our phone provider or is it a call that hasn’t terminated properly or…

Correction! Wrong call ID in my last post. Here is the log and it does show that the call was there for 55 minutes or so…

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