Calls ring out when no users logged in


I have queues set up to fail over to voicemail if call not answered.

This morning I had reported of calls ringing out with noone answering and call not going to voicemail.

After investigating it turns out noone was logged into or available on their phone.

I can kind of see the logic here: if noone logged in call cant enter queue and receive failover instruction but this leaves me with a bit of a problem.

How can I capture calls if noone is logged in?

There’s a “strict” option that you need to set. This was discussed at length literally yesterday.

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Hey Dave cheers for reply. Yes I found this option which works well the only problem us by doing this it bypasses any queue therefore doesn’t show in any of my Asternic queue reports.

Sounds like its a feature request or question for the Asternic team?

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Thought this might be the case. Is there a way without enabling the strict rule and without anyone logged in to have the queue still deal with the call. Is it normal behaviour for the call to ring out if noone logged in.

You could use the join empty then leave empty to make it flow though the queue? I haven’t done anything like this, FYI.

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Cheers for the ideas. They inspired me to look at things slightly differently and resolve it by leaving a dedicated extension logged on and logged into all queues at all times.

I will test some of the other ideas too and feed back if I learn anything more.