Calls pushed to iax2 trunk require confirmation

I’ve got a IAX2 trunk that connects two FreePBX systems working great. I have unique extensions on each system, however, there is a group of extensions, say 4xx that forwards to 5xx on the other system. I use the custom device for this. For example I have extension 434 that forwards to 534 on other system. In the dial field for the custom device for extension 434 I have local/[email protected] do that calls are forwarded to the actual physical extension 534 on the other system which actually has a SIP device config on it. However, when queue calls for 434 come in, they are forwarded correctly to 534, but require the recipient to press 1 to accept the call. I’m thinking maybe it has something to do with the call context, but I’m using from-internal on the iax2 trunk so I would think that would work. How do I get rid of the call confirmation requirement?

You have ‘Confirm Calls’ enabled in the Queue config, which is probably what you want. Otherwise your external agents can intercept queue calls with their voicemail.

@supersource … and this is bad because then all of your customer calls would end up in that user’s voicemail instead of being handled by an agent.

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