Calls not reaching PBX

I restored settings from my working system (2.10, asterisk 1.8) onto fresh install (2.11, asterisk 11), all extensions register OK, trunks, inbound routes but none of the incoming calls through my providers reach the PBX.
Can anyone advise, thanks in advance.

Maybe you need to allow anonymous SIP calls? Do a “sip set debug on” from the asterisk CLI to see if the calls are hitting your PBX.

Anonymus enabled, debug dos not show any incoming from my mobile or to expected DID…
Anything else I should be checking?

Sorted now, turned out something has changed on my provider’s end.

Hi dawidku.
I’ve the same problem.
Did you solved the issue?
Thanks in advance

Yes, Sorted now, turned out something has changed on my provider’s end.
Also make sure your firewall is configured correctly.

I’ve the same firewall and two server: one with Trixbox and the other (a test server) with FreePBX.
All two servers are configured with the same, identical: trunks, outbound and inbound rule configuration (same VoIP provider, ADSL connection, etc…).
But, even all two server can place outbound calls without any issue, on the FreePBX test server there is no way to receive inbound calls (if I see event log when a inbound call is in progress, I can’t see anything).
Any idea?
Thanks in advance.


Check what was suggested in post no2.

If your identical trunks are trying to register identically, it wont work only one server will get the inbound calls.

Hi dicko.
Yes, I’ve two identical trunks, but if one server is online, the other is shutted down and vice versa.
Any other idea?