Calls not put through to agents in queue!

Hello all !

I have a strange problem : after some uptime of my asterisk server calls that are waiting in a queue are not put though immediatly when an agent (or several) is free. Sometimes it takes more than a minute until an agent’s phone rings.

I use freepbx with astersik (Elastix 1.2 distro).

Thanks a lot for any suggestion about the problem !


PS I did set on this queue :
Ring Strategy: ring all
Agent Timeout: unlimited
Retry: 1 sec
Wrap-Up-Time: 1 sec

What is the server specs? What is the load on the server when this is happening?

Hi fskrotzki !

Thanks for your interest in my problem !

The server :

  • GenuineIntel Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.80GHz

The load :

  • CPU usage : 4.23% used of 1,795.66 MHz
  • Memory usage : 45.66% used of 2,025.53 Mb

Thanks for any suggestion !