Calls in or out cease functioning. How to troubleshoot?


As often as once a day the phone system will stop permitting calls. No internal, no outbound calls, and anyone dialing in gets silence - no ringing - eventually busy tone (SIP trunks).
I can connect to the admin page and everything looks normal. I can SSH to the server and poke around - all alive and well.

To resolve, I reboot the system.


Some output from the Asterisk console when you try to make a call while the system is not functioning would be a start.

The things that can cause something like this are almost too numerable to recount.

It could be anything from a network issue (but you can ssh into it, so the network issue should be unlikely)to a bad music on hold file and anything in between.

Just because you can SSH into the box and poke around is not an ironclad guarantee that everything is ok.

Take a look at your full asterisk logs. Try to determine the last thing asterisk was doing when it crashed. It may take a while, but will tell you a lot.

You might then see if there is a core dump file generated in linux to see if there are any clues there. You can analyze the file with a linux application called gdb, just google “linux gdb” for more info.

Remember the logs are your friend. Become familiar with them and how they operate.


Setting sip debug to ON before making test call, as advised by Alan, could be beneficial. Also set the log level to full in logger.conf and examin the /var/log/asterisk/messages to see what was going on behind the scenes.

Looking at the logs would seem like an obvious answer - which I would have done by now if I knew precisely how. So, how would one do this to achieve the adequate output for troubleshooting?

Also - understand that there is no ability to “make a test call”. When the system flips out, it acts as though it has shutdown down completely. The phones show amber lights for their lines, because they are no longer talking to the phone server.

So - if this was a Windows box, I would check to see if the Asterisk Service was still “running” on the server. How can I do this in Linux… and more importantly, how can I determine why it has “flipped out”?

To access the command line in Centos you will need an ssh client to log in. putty is a very good choice. You will need to know the IP of the server and the root password you set when the system was installed.

Once you are logged in you can look at /var/log/asterisk/full to see logs.

run “asterisk -r” at the comand line to get the Asterisk console. In the Asterisk console you can see the status of the system.