Calls go through wrong outbound route

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Please assist with the below.

I’ve got two extensions (13000 linked to CID xxx0328) and (13001 linked to CID xxx6941) both of these have their own outbound routes linked to them with their respective trunks.

When I make an outbound call regardless of what outbound route is linked, on the caller id I will see the outbound route that is at the top of the list.

For example I make a call from extension 13000 and the caller-id will be xxxx6941 on the phone when I’m expecting to see xxxx0328.

May someone please assist.

The conventional way to do this is to set the external DID for each local extension and then set the route and trunk to use it.

Hi Lorne

Thanks for the reply, can you perhaps elaborate on how you create an external DID for an extension.

Applications → Extensions → Outbound CID

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