Calls getting dropped. Help Please

Hello all,

I’m running freePBX 2.2.4 and I have a TDM400P card in the system going to 3 phone lines. My problem is that I keep getting calls dropped. They can last from 2 min to over an hour before they get dropped. After the call is dropped I can hang up the sip phone and then make the call again. Any help on where to look at where to find the problem and fix it would be great.

Kirk Groome

I am having the same issue on 2.3.03 with a Sangoma PRI - sangoma says its not a physical or driver related issue - meaning my problem is in asterisk config-

although - your issue is probably an IRQ related issue, go to linux cli and type:
cat /proc/interrupts
is anything else using the same IRQ as your TDM400 - for instance if the IDE controller is using that IRQ, and all of a sudden a lot of data comes in to the hard drive it will steal the IRQ from your card, and your card will drop any calls.

Try look at /var/log/asterisk/full

Are there any clues there at the time the call is dropped? If not then that would at least help eliminate Asterisk as the problem.

Next try /var/log/messages. If nothing there have a look at the other log files in that directory to see if there are any clues.