Calls get disconnected after 32 sec

I have a very simple setup.

Freepbx configured as sip server. There are 5 extensions (5 users). These users use android app to call each other (all local).
The problem is that the call gets disconnected after 32 sec.

What do I do ? Please help.


This might help.

I recently had this problem after our network addresses changed. We had one of our new locations dropping calls while everything else was working fine. For me, it turned out to be a missing local network in the Asterisk SIP Settings.

You have a NAT issue

Thank you @Ducktour, @PitzKey and @pjsockett.

I had recently introduced a firewall in the network and changed local LAN to new series. So adding new series as Local Network in Sip Settings solved the issue.

But I was wondering why the calls get connected for 30 sec with wrong Local settings. Any pointers ?

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@blazestudios explains it well towards the end of my post above.

Have you added your local LAN to your SIP Settings?

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