Calls from toll free numbers failing


I’ve currently have freepbx 2.10 with asterisk 1.8.21. We set up 2 numbers that are being forwarded from kamailio server. One number is regular DID number another one is 800 Toll free number. Both come from different providers. Call are being transfered to Queues. When we pick up the phone call from local did all works good. When we call using toll free number after we pick up the phone call gets disconnected. If we set up inbound routing directly to the extension all works good. Any one knows how to resolve this. Seems like there is a bug in the queues somewhere.

Thanks in advance.


or are you forwarding the call out to a cell phone or remote phone?

Try setting Signal Ringing in your inbound route.

Your Toll Free number essentially only performs one function - the redirection of calls to the terminating number. If calls to your Toll Free number are failing, the problem will either lie with the routing process, or with the terminating number itself.
Terminating Number Problems

The easiest way to tell if there is a problem with the terminating 0843 numbers for your Toll Free service is to call it - the result should be the same as calling your Toll Free number directly.

If this call fails for any reason, or you are unsure of the terminating number for your Toll Free service, feel free to contact the Compass Customer Care team by submitting a Support Request through My Compass.
Routing Issues

If there are no issues with your terminating number, it may be an issue with the Geographical or Time of Day routing for your Toll Free service. These routing services redirect calls to different terminating numbers depending on the time a call is made, and where the call is made from. Routing issues can usually be identified if calls from a particular location or at a particular time are failing.