Calls from not recognised source and automated dialling

I’ve noticed recently in the Freepbx report I’m getting the follow entries:

2011-02-13 19:58:44 SIP/192.16… 100 100 s ANSWERED 00:13
2011-02-13 19:58:41 SIP/192.16… 100 100 s ANSWERED 00:13

I have over 50 records with the same channel, source, cid, dst and disposition. The calls occur approximately 2 seconds after one another lasting 12-13 seconds.

All my extensions start from 5xx and all my inbound routes have a CID and / or DIDs so I don’t get why I get ‘s’ in Dst.

Where and why am I getting these calls? AFAIK the calls are not reaching my outbound POTs line to be ch

Any help appreciated.

  • Tux

I’m also seeing more spurious entries:

  1.  2011-02-17 09:42:05 	SIP/194.28... 	asterisk 	"asterisk" <asterisk> 	s 	ANSWERED 	00:12
  2.  2011-02-17 09:41:07 	SIP/194.28... 	asterisk 	"asterisk" <asterisk> 	s 	ANSWERED 	00:13
  3. 2011-02-17 09:33:52 	SIP/24.58.... 	asterisk 	"asterisk" <asterisk> 	s 	ANSWERED 	00:09