Calls from freepbx to sip trunk connected pbx


I have a sip trunk registered connecting freepbx and an avaya PBX. I would like the FreePBX extensions to be able to dial the avaya extensions and the avaya PBX extensions to dial the FreePBX extensions.

I have set up a custom context with all of the avaya extensions listed. I created a Inbound route with the custom context as the custom destination. I created an outbound Route Type intercompany with the freepbx/avaya trunk. I specified the prefix 22 To be dialed in order for free PBX extensions to utilize this trunk.

So far the calls are Not completing in either direction.

Is there some documentation I might look at or some suggestions as to what to look at, where the check to see what might be at fault?

Thank you

The connecting trunk needs access to the local extensions, easy way, use from-internal as the context from the legacy PBX, then probably no custom-context needed if you get your dialplan right. You don’t mention what technology the connection is over but what the asterisk box sends dtmf wise to the legacy box should look much like what the telco sends, i.e. possibly the 4 least significant digits of the DID for a T(E)1, if fxs/fxo you might need to have calls land in a disa type context on the legacy pbx so the final destination can be determined by catching the inbound dtmf tones, these interfaces are normally assumed one-to-one mappings for these analog ports.


Thank you for your response.

The trunk/connection is SIP. We would like a freepbx connected phone to be able to direct dial an extension on the avaya box.

We can call the freepbx extensions from the avaya, but we cannot call the avaya extensions.

Thank you