Calls from a Dahdi channel don't hang up

Hi everyone,

I’ve detected an issue that keeps me worried with my FreePBX Distro. When someone calls from a digital external line configured with Dahdi and this person hangs up before the corresponding extension picks up the phone, the call keeps active indefinitely and I don’t know how to deactivate that call except restarting Asterisk in the CLI.

Do you know why this problem happens? Meanwhile, anyone knows how to deactivate (hang up) that call?

Thanks in advance.

You have to program the disconnect settings for your telco region in DAHDI.

It worked, I only changed the defaultzone and loadzone to my country code and all was OK.

Thanks a lot, SkykingOH.

I’m having this same issue, but both the loadzone and defaultzone have been set correctly. What else could be the issue?