Calls end after 30 seconds

I’m having an issue where my calls drop after 30 seconds. I’ve done a fair amount of digging on the forum and I see that people are suggesting possible NAT issues. But the weird thing is that this is happening even on the echo test, which I would assume is running local on the server and since I’m on the same LAN NAT shouldn’t be in the mix. I’m not sure what to even try to debug this.

Turn up the logging on your asterisk and see if anything pops up there.
Also, use tcpdump to capture the traffic to a file and use wireshark to see if anything useful shows up.

One thing I’ve seen before is when the subnet mask is wrong on one of the ends, so it thinks NAT is needed…

Subnet mask looks good.

In the call details I see


When I go to the Asterisk Log Files in the webui I don’t see any logs, where would I go to adjust the logging level or verbosity?

Ok apparently registering the PBX, and then rebooting solved the issue.
The world no longer makes sense and I’m giving up on IT and becoming a goat farmer.

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