Calls Dropping every now and then

Hello everyone,

Our FreePBX seems to work great, 8 out of 10 calls also work flawless, but every now and then we don’t have “audio” from a internal phone to another internal phone. We call a “ring group” and a external cell phone is included in the ring group but we basically don’t use the external cell phone, it only “rings” When we hear it ringing we walk to our VoiP Phone.

in the logging i found :

BRIDGE_EXIT s macro-dial PJSIP/250-0000070e
BRIDGE_EXIT s macro-dial PJSIP/1000-0000070d
HANGUP s macro-dial PJSIP/250-0000070e
CHAN_END s macro-dial PJSIP/250-0000070e
HANGUP h from-internal PJSIP/1000-0000070d
CHAN_END h from-internal PJSIP/1000-0000070d
LINKEDID_END h from-internal PJSIP/1000-0000070d
ANSWER 200 from-internal PJSIP/250-0000070e
HANGUP 200 from-internal Local/[email protected];1
CHAN_END 200 from-internal Local/[email protected];1
HANGUP h from-internal Local/[email protected];2
CHAN_END h from-internal Local/[email protected];2
HANGUP 0612345XXX from-pstn PJSIP/mainnumber-0000070f
CHAN_END 0612345XXX from-pstn PJSIP/mainnumber-0000070f
ANSWER s macro-dial PJSIP/1000-0000070d
BRIDGE_ENTER s macro-dial PJSIP/250-0000070e
BRIDGE_ENTER s macro-dial PJSIP/1000-0000070d
CHAN_START s from-pstn PJSIP/mainnumber-0000070f
CHAN_START 200 from-internal PJSIP/1000-0000070d
CHAN_START s from-internal PJSIP/250-0000070e
CHAN_START 0612345XXX from-internal Local/[email protected];1
CHAN_START 0612345XXX from-internal Local/[email protected];2

Does someone maybe has an idea? Should i even search this error on the PBX side?

it’s basically a internal phone calling a internal call group , and we pick up on another internal phone, behind the same NAT

Edit : in my VoIP phone i see a call with a normal duration of 30 secs , but totally quiet during this call , no audio at all

30 seconds and no audio are your magic pointers here. You are hitting the rtp timeout. If both phones are on the same network as the pbx this shouldn’t be an issue. Essentially you traffic on ports 10000-20000 (default range) is being blocked somewhere.

Worth skimming through…

Thank You so much ! yes, they’re both on the same network , behind a PFsense firewall.
In my firewall i forward UDP port 10000 - 11000 ,

RTP settings FreePBX:
RTP start 10000
RTP end 11000
timeout: 30
RTP Hold Timeout 300
RTP Keep Alive 0

edit: as a workaround i could easily try to increase the RTP timeout to 40 secs for example ?
PBX and both phones are on the same network

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