Calls drop after transfer

We have a Freepbx 2.11/Asterisk installation that has worked like a charm for the past 2 years.
The Freepbx box is on a public IP and we use Cisco SPA5XX phones.
Because of a company acquisition, something changed in the network structure and now we are not able to transfer calls anymore.
Both calls coming from outside and inside drop when we transfer. Doesn’t matter if we do a attended or a blind transfer, the call drops.
I can provide logs and more specific descriptions but I’m just wondering if there is an easy already discovered solution.
Thank you

This is usually due to a NAT issue, logs would be helpful.

As would what is the “something” in “Because of a company acquisition, something changed in the network structure”

I agree with you, and I suspect some new routes in the company switches because of chances in the Vlan configuration are making noise.
What logs you would like to watch at and how verbose?

log of a call using

asterisk -vvvvvvvvvvr
sip set debug peer (ext here)

should give us the important stuff.

What is the LAN IP of the PBX? The phones?

I recommend deleting the posts and going with pastebin. If you can’t put URLs in, replace “.” with “DOT” or something :smile:

this is the pastebin linkL:
Thank you