Calls between phones in the same trunk

I have a doubt. I have 2 siptrunk in my freepbx, both registered correctly. I can make calls and I can receive calls.
My problem is when I try to make calls between phones in the same trunk, it gives me a busy signal.
I have been told that they are the routes in the freepbx, but I don’t know where to start. Do you know what routes I may be missing?

Do you mean internal calls, as in calls between 2 extensions on the same pbx are not working? If so, what are some of the extension numbers you’re trying to call? Also, what phones are you using and how are they configured? Endpoint Manager or manual? It could be that the digitmap/dialplan on the phone is not set up correctly, and isn’t handling local extension numbers correctly.

For failing calls in general, it helps to look at the asterisk cli output while trying a test call. That way, you can see if the correct, full number is being called, and not getting cut off somewhere. If you were told that there’s something wrong with the routes on your freepbx, you can check for issues in Connectivity->Outbound Routes, or Connectivity->Inbound Routes. It’s hard to say what to look for until we know more about the problem.

If you mean something else, can you clarify with an example of the call you’re trying to make?

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